502 Gulfshore Drive - Destin, FL 32541
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Gulf View East Gold Units

Our Gold units are warm and inviting accommodations. The upscale interior décor gives each room its own individual identity while providing a sense of airy spaciousness. The Gold Standard units have a welcoming feel, a unique beach chic design and a charming coastal view of the Gulf of Mexico.

Gold Units

1st Floor 102VR Tour 108VR Tour
2nd Floor 203VR Tour 204VR Tour (Platnium) 205VR Tour 208VR Tour 209VR Tour
3rd Floor 308VR Tour 309VR Tour
4th Floor 401VR Tour 405VR Tour
5th Floor 503VR Tour 504VR Tour 508VR Tour
6th Floor 602VR Tour 604VR Tour 605VR Tour 608VR Tour
7th Floor 708VR Tour

Gold Unit Rates

of Stay
Oct 13-Mar 1Apr 7-May 22Mar 2-Apr 6
Aug 3-16
Sep 28-Oct 11
May 23-June 14
July 20-Aug 2
June 30-July 7June 15-29
July 8-19
Gulf View East Daily (4-6 Days)$121.20$176.66$212.93$291.41$318.24$308.96
Gulf View East Weekly$787.90$1148.14$1383.90$1894.48$2068.36$2008.16
Gulf View East Daily (1-3 Days)$151.50$220.78$266.12$364.29NA$386.17

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